A Wedding in Nature,
Surrounded by Your Closest People
And Images That Tell Your Story

Megan Ellis - Smoky Mountain Wedding Photographer

The Great Smoky
National Park

One of the Most Special Places in America

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park – the most visited of any national park and also one of the most bio-diverse places within the continental United States.

And, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful too. 

Nothing makes me happier than a day spent in the mountains—and that includes photographing stunning weddings in the mountains too. 

I firmly believe there is nowhere more special to have a wedding and I am proud to be a licensed Smoky Mountain wedding photographer.

The Promise

Smoky Mountain
Wedding Photographer

I’ve been fortunate enough to live all over the country—all over the world really.  From Arizona to Ohio to Tennessee to Brazil, I have seen a lot of places. 

But my heart always pulls me back to the mountains of Appalachia. 

And I am guessing, that you, my friend, feel the same exact way. 

From discovering colorful and majestic overlooks at sunset to enjoying quiet moments in the woods with the sun dancing through the trees and perfectly hitting your faces—these are the types moments we can create while photographing your wedding in the GSMNP. And these are the types of moments that I know are important to you. 

We will find the light and find the serenity that only these mountains can bring. 

And you will love your images even more than you could have imagined. 


Featured Tennessee Weddings

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My Philosophy

Classic and timeless over trendy and uncurated

Authenticity over perfection

A work ethic centered around honesty and integrity

A client experience nothing short of memorable

Did you know that portrait and wedding photographers need a license to photograph in the Smoky Mountain National Park?  Not only do the fees we pay help support the park, but you can be assured that when hiring a licensed GSMNP photographer, you are hiring someone who is familiar with the park and can guide you to the best possible places.

What my clients say