You want more than wedding.
You want an adventure.
Which is why a destination wedding is perfect for you.

Megan Ellis - Photographer for Destination Weddings


Get Ready For Takeoff

It takes a special person to plan a destination wedding. 

You are adventurous and inquisitive, a lover of culture and fine foods.

Nothing is more exciting to you than exploring, learning, and sharing those experiences with those that you hold dear. 

You and I, my new friend, are made from the same mold and I could not be happier to walk this journey with you.

So, start packing—your wedding adventure is about to start!

Photographer for Destination Weddings - Paris Garden
Obidos Portugal Elopement Shoot
the perfect Portugal shoot

Megan Ellis

Photographer for Destination Weddings

You want more than a wedding.

You want a multi-day experience—an adventure—with your favorite people. 

Your dream is to hike the rainforests of Costa Rica together, explore the rich wines of France as one, and eat pasta on Italy’s Amalfi coast in a manor overlooking the sea.

Your wedding isn’t going to be one day of fun – it is going to be a whole weekend (maybe even an entire week) of dining, drinking, wandering, and communing. 

When you plan a destination wedding, you need a photographer that is comfortable in foreign settings, independent, knowledgable, and accessible for all of the many questions that pop up during planning.

You want someone experienced at navigating customs around the world, overcoming the inevitable travel glitches, and, of course, capturing those epic images from this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Custom-packaging available. No additional travel fees (its all included in the package) and no surprises for you. 


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My Philosophy

Classic and timeless over trendy and uncurated

Authenticity over perfection

A work ethic centered around honesty and integrity

A client experience nothing short of memorable

Knoxville may be home, but I never feel more truly like myself than when I am traveling. There is nothing like being forced out of your comfort zone, pushing your understanding of the word, and maybe even getting a little lost in a strange town… all with a camera in hand and a heart exploding with happiness. 

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