Hi! I’m Megan – I am a travel-obsessed, book-loving, wine-and-hot-tea-drinking wedding photographer. I live between Knoxville, TN and Key West, FL and consider myself pretty darn lucky to be able to call two of the most beautiful places in the world home. My pilot husband is my best friend who humors me with my crazy ideas and non-stop wanderlust. My sons are the best travel companions that you could ask for and living life with them is my biggest adventure yet. I would be lost without a road map and lost without my faith.... and yes, I do keep a real roadmap in my car and yes, I do love Jesus (even if I cuss and drink a little...).  

When I'm not working, you can usually find me with my boys – hunting for insects in the backyard, building Brio train tracks, or removing foreign objects from their noses. My life can be pretty chaotic but it is absolutely amazing too. My favorite time of day is early in the morning when I have a few quiet minutes for yoga, an espresso and journaling. I also like to pretend that I still read a lot but the truth is that I normally fall asleep after a page or two. We do still travel a lot and, although not nearly as graceful and relaxing as it once was, it is a dream come true to experience the world through their little eyes. 

In my work life, I love photographing happy, kind, and wildly in-love people who value a classic style of photography and elevated customer service. My passion is giving my clients an authentic and enjoyable experience and timeless wedding images that are personal end emotive. I truly do love my clients and feel so honored when I am given the opportunity to create with them and invest in their memories. I have been photographing weddings for 14 years, which makes me feel a little old but also a lot like a badass since most people don't make it this long in the photography world.

This means, not only have I REALLY seen it all at weddings, but I have also ridden the waves through a lot of photoshop trends and have landed in a place where I want my clients to have images and albums that surpass all of these trends and still look amazing in 30 years. At the end of the day, I want you to be able to say that working with me was enjoyable and stress-free, that you have a beautiful collection of images and that you have an album to hand down for generations. 

If you like my work and think we might be a good fit, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to connect!


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Megan Ellis Dzielak (pronounced z-lack)

Megan Ellis Dzielak
(pronounced z-lack)


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 Forever 25 🙂


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Wedding Photographer and Mama to two amazing little boys.


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You'll probably find me in either Knoxville, TN or Key West, FL... or you could find me on my next great adventure somewhere amazing!  

Fav keys adventure

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Spearfishing with my husband

Fav mountain adventure

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I love nothing more than a good hike and a camping adventure.

Fav Lazy Day

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Reading on my porch, probably with a glass of wine in hand!

fav music

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Bluegrass, folk rock, classic rock, anything 90s

favorite weekend getaway

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Road trip with an old-fashion map, windows down, and no reservations anywhere.

greatest challenge of 2017

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Huuummmm.... that's a tough decision- probably getting evacuated from our home in Cudjoe Key, FL because of Hurricane Irma while 37 weeks pregnant. Wait, nope, not a tough decision at all. :) Hindsight is 20/20 though and it is what got us a place in Knoxville too, which allows us to be dual-located. 


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Too many to really count but watching the US Women’s Soccer Team win gold in the London Olympics is definitely up there!  

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Start a travel blog, learn to knit, start running again, and to fly somewhere solo with BOTH of my children (right now I will only fly with one at a time).

2018 GOALS

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Portugal, Ireland, Tuscany, Japan, Walk the Camino de Santiago


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The Whole-Brianed Child and anything by Gerladine Brooks.