Lauren & Patrick – Old Town Manor Wedding, Key West, Florida

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    Oh sigh.  This wedding was just heavenly.  Despite the freak thunderstorm, which changed plans a bit but didn’t dampen the day at all, this wedding was just perfect.   With the brilliant eye of Nika from Soiree Key West and the captivating backdrop of the Old Town Manor, Lauren and Patrick managed to pull off a quaint, intimate tea party themed wedding in the gardens at the bed and breakfast.  I adored the intimacy of this wedding; it was only 13 people total and Lauren’s brother officiated the wedding.

    Let’s start the day with some details and getting ready shots….

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-2Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-3Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-5Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-8Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-13Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-15Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-16

    I love how natural and authentic this photo is.  Lauren just radiates happiness.

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-17Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-20Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-23Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-24Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-27Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-30Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-31Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-34Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-36

    Lauren’s eyes are just stunning!

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-37Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-38Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-40Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-42Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-44Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-45

    This farm table, provided by Prestige Party Rentals, is a great way to add a rustic, yet intimate feel to your wedding.

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-46Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-49Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-51Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-55Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-62Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-65Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-68Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-75Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-76Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-81

    The first clap of thunder happened right after this photo was taken.  We had basically zero chance of rain, but, as it is in the tropics, a fairly loud storm popped up.  Thankfully, the rain held off until preciously the moment Patrick and Lauren were pronounced husband and wife and began to make their way back down the aisle.  The timing could not have been more perfect!

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-82Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-83Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-85Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-86

    Let the rain begin….

    Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-87Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-88Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-90Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-91Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-92Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-95Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-97Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-101Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-102Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-103Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-105Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-106Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-107Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-108Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-113Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-115Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-116Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-118Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-119Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-120Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-122Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-124Lauren&Patrick_Old Town Manor-125




    Photographer:  Megan Ellis, Photographer

    Getting Ready, Ceremony & Reception:  Old Town Manor

    Planner:  Soiree Key West

    Hair and Makeup:  Bella Luxe

    Officiant – Chris Volosin, Bride’s Brother

    Florist: Soiree Key West, Love in Bloom

    Catering: Three Fine Cooks

    Cake: Key West Cakes

    Party Rental: Prestige Party Rentals


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