Jordan & Colin – Sunbury, Ohio Wedding

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    I  have been blessed with the opportunity to live and photograph all over the world.  My passion for cultures, languages, and unique experiences are all part of what define me and what has helped shaped my career over the years.  All of that being said,  I could not wait to go back to Ohio to shoot Jordan and Colin’s wedding!  For those of you who don’t know, I started my photography career in the little town of Centerburg, Ohio – population 1,920 –  back in 2004.  I could not have asked for a more supportive, more amazing place to start my business.  Even though life led me to other places, I still have such a big place in my heart for the people of Centerburg, the chance they gave me and the lessons I learned there.   It has been around 7 or 8 years since I operated a business there and to have people still think of me for their photography needs is the greatest compliment ever.

    I have known Jordan’s family for years.   My little brothers and Jordan’s brother played football together;  I’ve taken my car to the shop Jordan’s father owned multiple times for work, and I shot both Jordan and her brother’s senior portraits.  When she emailed me and asked if I could maybe shoot her wedding, the answer was a quick ‘of course’!

    I am so excited to share these images of Jordan and Colin’s wedding.   Colin and Jordan both have the sweetest, most calm personalities. Their love for each other and mutual love for Jesus was central to everything on their big day.   From the slight bohemian flair to the coffee bar at the dinner, personal touches were everywhere!  Enjoy the images!

    Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-1

    I’m not even close to being an Ohio State fan, but I must appreciate some loyalty for your wedding day decor.  Go Vols! 🙂

    Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-4Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-7Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-8Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-10Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-11Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-12Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-13Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-14Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-18Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-20Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-23Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-21Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-24Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-26Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-25Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-31Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-33Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-35Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-30Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-36Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-38Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-45Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-47Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-49Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-52Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-53Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-55Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-57Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-59Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-63Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-65Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-67Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-70Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-73Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-75

    Colin’s aunt made their cake – it was coffee cake to go with their coffee bar!

    Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-76Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-81Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-83Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-85

    A little rainbow at the end of your wedding day is always good luck!

    Jordan&Colin_Sunbury Methodist Church_DestinationWeddingPhotography-86



    Photography:  Megan Ellis Dzielak, with Megan Ellis, Photographer

    Venue:  Sunbury United Methodist Church

    Catering:  Sunbury United Methodist Church

    Floral: Designs By Jerry, Centerburg, Ohio –

    Coffee Bar:  Latte 2 a Tea

    Bridal Gown:  Lillian’s Bridal

    Bridal Shoes:  Aldo

    Men’s Attire: Alfani




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