Gina & Tommy – Hemingway House Wedding, Key West, Florida

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    The stunning Gina and the handsome Tommy have just the sweetest start to their love story.  These two actually met in kindergarten and had crushes on each other all through elementary school.  They lost touch after grade school (the way Gina tells it, she was very distraught after learning he wouldn’t be attending her middle school) and it wasn’t until they happened to meet again in 2013 that their actual love story began… and here we were, 20 some years later, watching these two get married!  So, SO sweet.

    Gina and Tommy held a very special wedding at the Hemingway House with their family and friends, including their beautiful, baby girl Emma.  It was a laid-back, festive celebration, perfect for a Key West destination wedding.

    Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-3Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-4Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-5Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-6

    Baby shoes and mama shoes!

    Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-12Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-15Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-16Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-17Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-18Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-19Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-20Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-21Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-22Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-23Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-24Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-25Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-26Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-27Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-29Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-30Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-31Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-32Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-33Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-35Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-36Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-37Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-38Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-39Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-40Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-41Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-43Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-44Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-45Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-46Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-47Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-49Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-50Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-51Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-52Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-53Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-54Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-55Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-56Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-57Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-58Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-59Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-60Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-61Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-62Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-65Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-68Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-69Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-70Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-71Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-72Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-73Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-74Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-77Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-78Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-80Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-81Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-83Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-84Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-85Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-87Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-89Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-90Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-91Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-92Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-94Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-95Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-96Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-97Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-9Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-42Gina Tommy_Hemingway House-67



    Photographer:  Megan Ellis, Photographer

    Planner: Amy from Catered Affairs

    Getting Ready:  The Lighthouse Court Hotel

    Hair & Makeup: Beauty Boutique & The Glam Squad

    Ceremony & Reception: Hemingway House

    Officiant – Tom Kane – Uncle

    Florist: Love in Bloom

    Catering: Catered Affairs

    Cake:  Key West Cakes

    DJ: Soundwave

    Party Rental: Prestige Party Rentals

    Bridal Gown Designer: Catherine Dean

    Bridal Shoes: Nine West

    Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Joanna August & Nouvelle Amsale

    Men’s Attire: Tommy Bahama

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