What to Expect – Part 4 – Cocktail Hour and Reception

Cocktail Hour and Reception This is another time of day when you really don’t have a lot of worry with photos.  I will be there, most likely until the end of the night photographing away. There is really very little you need to be concerned with from my perspective.   Depending on the schedule and […]

What to Expect – Part 3 – Ceremony

The ceremony is pretty easy.  You just do your thing and follow what the officiant says.  Easy. Kind of. Most couples honestly think this is the most stressful part of the day; it is, after-all the main event of the day, the reason you are there. From a photography standpoint, there is really very little […]

What To Expect – Part 2 – First Look and Formals

So, you made through getting ready for your wedding.  Now it is time for the first look and/or formal photos. The discussion of whether to have a first look or not has been gone over in significant detail many times over by numerous sources. I even have an article about it.  Fundamentally, the decision to […]

What to Expect Part 1 – Getting Ready Photos

As a photographer for almost 2 decades,  it is easy for me to forget that while I have been to (and photographed) close to 400 weddings, this is most likely a new experience for you!  While you may have an idea of what to expect, I thought it would be nice to break down exactly […]