Bert & Jenna – Asheville, North Carolina

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    Bert and Jenna… I am not even sure where to begin.  I have known Bert for several years now, basically since right after I moved to Key West, and when I met Jenna I just KNEW she was the one for Bert – like I absolutely-without-a-doubt knew.  After I met her, I told him he wasn’t allowed to date anyone else; I liked Jenna.  Good thing he listened. 🙂

    Bert and Jenna just work together; they just make sense. They are both the nicest, friendliest, most welcoming people you could know.  They are GOOD people; people I am proud to call friends and proud to have been asked to photograph their wedding.

    Jenna’s home is Asheville.  Bert’s home is where Jenna is.  So he moved to Asheville a while back and that was where their wedding was held.  Full of good friends, a laid-back vibe, and lots of love, it was exactly what a wedding should be.

    I could keep on about how AMAZING this couple is and how EXCITED I am that they are married and happy…but I’ll just stop and let you see the images that hopefully captured at least a part of the soul and love that saturated this event.

    I’ll start with the guinea feathers for Jenna’s hair piece.  These came from the guineas of one of Jenna’s friends.  The bird didn’t make a sound when the feathers were plucked; which is apparently a good sign. 🙂

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-2JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-1JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-14JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-7JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-16

    The ceremony took place at the Catholic Church in Maggie Valley.  It was stunning and surrounded by mountain views from all angles.


    Jenna & Bert _Asheville, NC-1

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-18JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-22JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-23JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-24JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-26JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-28JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-33JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-34JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-36JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-37

    The beautiful Jenna and her lovely nieces.

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-41JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-42JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-39JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-47JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-48

    Bert says there are only two cool things about him – his woman and his beard. 🙂

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-59JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-61JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-64JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-71JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-72JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-68JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-66JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-74JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-73

    This may be one of my favorite images from the day.   Grumpy Bert.

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-75JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-76

    They had their reception outside of the Smoky Park Supper Club.  It was right on the river and was just beautiful.  Side-note, The Smoky Park Supper Club is definitely worth a visit when you come to Asheville.  It is the largest restaurant in the United States build out of shipping containers… and they also make a mean burger too.


    The first dance was probably one of the most emotional ones I’ve seen in a long time.

    JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-78JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-81JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-80JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-83JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-85JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-92JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-91JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-93JennaBert_Asheville Wedding Photographer-89



    Photographer: Megan Ellis, Photographer

    Getting Ready/Hair & Makeup: Studio Chavarria

    Ceremony: St. Mary of Scotland, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

    Reception & Catering: Smoky Park Supper Club

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