Rachelle & Greg’s Little Palm Wedding – Florida Keys

I have been so excited to share these images from Rachelle and Greg’s wedding last November at Little Palm Island!  It was my first time at Little Palm and NOTHING makes me happier than shooting at a new place, with new surroundings, and so much inspiration!    What I think I loved most about Little Palm was that it truly does feel like another world, like you are actually on a island.  While the entire Florida Keys are islands,  Little Palm is just different; it is secluded, tropical and full of beauty!

This was actually Rachelle and Greg’s second wedding; they had their first earlier in the week at their home.   Their first one was one big party, while this one was laid-back and personal with only their closest friends and family there.  Enjoy the images!


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Photographer:  Megan Ellis, Photographer

Planner: Julie from Simply You

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Boutique & The Glam Squad

Ceremony & Reception: Little Palm Island

Officiant – Steve Torrence

Florist: Milan

Cake:  Cakes by Karol

Party Rental: Eventfully Yours


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