Michelle & Matt’s Hemingway House Wedding – Key West Florida

These two – I have been looking forward to this wedding from the moment I met them and their fur-baby Cliff (who is the most adorable puppy EVER).   My expectations were pretty high and I was NOT disappointed!  Michelle, along with Milan Florals and Trinity from On the Fly Girls did an amazing job planning and designing this classic, slightly nautical, wedding.    The bride was stunning, the groom was paper, and the guests were ready to have a PARTY.  It was a blast.

You can check out their engagement session (and meet Cliff) HERE.

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Photographer:  Megan Ellis, Photographer

Getting Ready:  Douglas House

Ceremony & Reception: Hemingway House

Planner:  Trinity with On the Fly Girls

Hair & Makeup: Studio Marie-Pierre

Officiant – Marc Zustin – friend of the couple

Florist: Milan

Catering: Catered Affairs of Key West

DJ & Photo Booth: Visualize Entertainment

Party Rental: Prestige Party Rentals

Wedding Dress:  Stella New York

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