Meet Megan


Meet Megan



Hi!  I’m Megan – I am a travel-obsessed, book-loving, wine-and-hot-tea-drinking, nomadic photographer.   I am currently based out of Key West, Florida but I shoot frequently in East Tennessee (home sweet home) and Costa Rica (where my heart is).   My husband is my best friend who humors me with my crazy ideas and non-stop wanderlust.  My son is the best little sidekick and travel companion you could ask for.   My inspiration is found in other adventurous people (and couples!) who love culture, travel, and exploring as much as me.  I would be lost without my faith and lost without a road map…  Follow these links to learn a bit more about me.



Photos by Iris Moore Photography




The 4-1-1

Name:  Megan Ellis Dzielak (pronounced z-lack)

Age:  Forever 25 🙂

Current Location:  Cudjoe Key, FL – just north of Key West

Profession:  Professional photographer for over 12 years and new(ish) momma

Marital Status:  Married to my best friend, traveling companion, & all-around favorite person

Favorite Keys Adventure:  Spearfishing with my husband

Favorite Lazy Day Activity:  Reading on my porch

Favorite Music:  Bluegrass, folk rock, classic rock, anything 90s

Most Amazing Travel Experience So Far:  Too many to really count but watching the US Women’s Soccer Team win gold in the London Olympics is definitely up there!

Favorite Weekend Getaway: Road trip with an old-fashion map, windows down, and no reservations anywhere

Proudest Moment of the Past Year: Giving birth to our perfect, wonderful son!

2017 Goals:  Learn to knit, make macaroons and learn to speak French!

Book I’m Currently Reading:  Genesis and Game of Thrones