Lisa & Todd – Hemingway House – Key West Destination Wedding

Lisa & Todd’s Hemingway House Wedding was such a ‘swoon’-worthy affair; it really was simply stunning…and chic and classy.  Besides the obvious ‘gorgeous’ factor, Lisa & Todd’s wedding really resonated with me due to how involved Todd’s two children were in the wedding.  It was super sweet to see the little family become ‘officially’ united… and not to mention, those kids were just darn adorable!


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Lace and jewels!

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Lisa shared a gift from her step-children.

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Here are the two cutest attendants yet!

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This just makes me laugh every time I see this photo.   Lisa had this sash made and after the wedding told the kids she had a surprise for them…. and that the fun was now over.  What a riot!  🙂

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This was the first time these stunning farm tables were used at the Hemingway House… and it definitely worked!  It was fantastic!


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Looks like one of Hemingway’s cats got in a little scuffle.  Doesn’t seem to bother him too much though!  This gate hangs out on this bench at almost every wedding!

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Photography: Megan Ellis Dzielak with Megan Ellis, Photographer

Planner: Soiree Key West

Getting Ready: The Lighthouse Court

Ceremony & Reception: Hemingway Home

Officiant:  Father Larry Hooper

DJ: Kiss Me Entertainment

Floral & Decor: Soiree Key West

Party Rentals:  Prestige Party Rentals

Hair and Makeup:  Studio Marie Pierre

Catering & Cake – Great Events Catering


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