Lindsey & Eddie – Hemingway House & Rooftop Cafe – Key West Destination Wedding

Before I even met Lindsey and Eddie, all I heard about from random people was how awesome they were – from the catering company to the bartender at the Lighthouse Court; everyone had something great to say about Lindsey and Eddie.  When I was told that Lindsey went straight from scuba diving to the wedding rehearsal, still in her bathing suit, I knew I was gonna like her! 🙂    This outdoorsy couple does it all – they travel, boat, camp and hike – and they are so in love you can’t help but smile when you are around them.

Lindsey and Eddie choose to have their wedding ceremony and cocktail hour at the Hemingway House, followed with a reception diner at the Rooftop Cafe.

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Photography:  Megan Ellis Dzielak, from Megan Ellis, Photographer

Planner: Tammie with Simply You Weddings

Getting Ready: The Lighthouse Court

Ceremony& Cocktail Hour:  The Hemingway House

Reception Dinner:  Rooftop Cafe

Catering: Key West Catering Company

Hair and Makeup:  Ocean Wellness Spa

Officiant:  Michael Vernon with Conch Concierge

Cake:  Cakes by Karol

Musician:  Bryan Roberts

Bridal Gown Designer:  Maggie Sottero

Men’s Attire: JoS. A. Banks


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