Leslie & Brandon – July 4th Sailboat Wedding – Key West Destination Wedding

As promised – here are some of my favorites from Leslie & Brandon’s 4th of July Wedding!!!  This lovely couple are both veterans and actually met in Afghanistan.  As Brandon will quickly tell you – he knew within 6.5 seconds of meeting her that she was his soulmate…. he can tell you the date and exact time that they met!  It just makes your heart smile!  With their military background and American pride, it made perfect sense for these two to have a patriotic 4th of July wedding. Keep scrolling down to read more about this couple’s perfect Key West destination wedding.


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I love this image of Leslie seeing her hair and makeup finished – complete happiness!


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The groomsmen all had fun pirate socks and patriotic cufflinks.   If you had a describe a theme for this wedding it would be patriotic pirates I believe. 🙂

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Everyone in the wedding, bride included, wore converse shoes.

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This was one of my favorites first looks – they were just SO excited to see each other.  Leslie was almost running down the beach.  It was so sweet.

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Personalized converses.

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Brandon is a Jurassic Park fan and just had to recreate a photo from the movie.  Having not seen the movie (yet) or the photo, I took a good guess…but I think it turned out pretty good!  🙂

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All of the bridal party got their own color converse (except the bride and groom who had to match, of course!).

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Leslie put a reminder in her phone for the wedding… just in case. 🙂

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Epic moment 987 – Brandon’s ring got dropped on the pier right before boarding the sailboat.  This is one of those nightmare moments that you think about as a photographer EVERY time you photograph near water….but it has never really happened.   Thankfully the ring got stuck between the boards, not falling into the water, and the best man (best man for a reason!) was able to save it.    It was a very delicate operation, but the ring was spared. 🙂

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Brandon really wanted a photo of Leslie sitting alone at the bar, in her wedding dress, looking bored.   It was a hard sell but I think she did pretty good!

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The pirate ring-bearer… 🙂

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The ride, while beautiful, was quite choppy so if it looks like people are bracing in these photos…. well, they are.

Tears and laughter make for the best ceremonies and this was no exception; Leslie and Brandon even wrote their own haikus to each other!  My favorite part of the ceremony though was when they said ‘I do’.  Brandon literally yelled ‘I do’  3 or 4 times.  It was so sweet.


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Here are some fun night shots I took during and after the fireworks.  I was going for the slow, over-exposed look and I think it worked well!


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After disembarking, we headed back to HogFish Grill on Stock Island to cut the cake and have a few toasts.  It had just been too bumpy to do this on the sailboat.

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Whether it be from the humidity or human error…the poor cake took quite the tumble as they were serving it.    It still tasted good, I’m sure!

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Photography:  Megan Ellis Dzielak, from Megan Ellis, Photographer

Getting Ready: Best Western Key Ambassador

Ceremony& Reception: Schooner Wolf

Hair and Makeup:  Key West Hair and Makeup

Cake:  Cakes by Karol

Flowers: Mama’s Flowers

Bridal Gown Designer:  White by Vera Wang

Men’s Attire: Calvin Klein

Shoes:  Converse by Chuck Taylor


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