Kristina & John – Pier House Resort, Key West Destination Wedding


Kate Spade, wide smiles, and all things pink will all, for the near future, remind me of Kristina and John’s Key West Wedding at the Pier House Resort.  This nurse/paramedic couple met on the job (how romantic is that!) and Kristina knew it was something beyond special when he moved from New York to Florida to be with her.  Their dream day was a typical hot September afternoon but we were thankfully spared the monsoon rains that frequent the island during the heart of hurricane season.   It really went perfectly!

With a ton of help from my second shooter, Rocky Tyrone (thank you!), I think we pulled together an exceptional collection of images from Kristina and John’s day.

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One of the many positive changes I am making in my photography business over the next year is to slowly start adding some film images in with the digital collection.  While the majority of the day (and of course the most important parts of the day) will still be shot in digital, I want to try to give my clients some film relics as well from the day.  I think film as a quality that can not be matched with digital (no matter how hard I try to do so).   These images were taken with my old 1966 Minolta SRT101.


Film-1P I N this to pinterestFilm-2P I N this to pinterestFilm-3P I N this to pinterestFilm-4P I N this to pinterestFilm-5P I N this to pinterestFilm-6P I N this to pinterest


Photography:  Megan Ellis, Destination Wedding Photographer

Second Shooter: Rocky from Rocky Tyrone Photography

Venue and Catering:  The Pier House Resort

Hair and Makeup: Bella Luxe Hair and Makeup

Florist:  Love in Bloom

Cake:  Cake by Karol

DJ: Kiss Me Entertaiment

Bridal Gown: Stella York

Bridesmaids Attire: David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire:  J. Ferrar

Musicians: Steel Drum Wedding

Transportation:  Historic Tours of America


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