Joanna & Aaron’s Key West Destination Wedding – Smathers Beach

Joanna and Aaron had an intimate wedding on Smathers Beach back in November.  It was a meticulously planned, beautifully organized wedding with one gigantic glitch –  their wedding fell on one of the rainiest days of the year.  With no indoor or tent options, we decided to hope for the best and lucky for all of us, the ‘best’ was a perfectly timed stall in the rain as Joanna started her walk down the aisle towards her groom.  It could not have been more perfectly timed nor could it have lent itself to better images.  The saturated colors, the stunning deep blue of the sky, and the even, easy light were all result of the passing storm.  Enjoy these images!


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Photography:  Megan Ellis, Destination Wedding Photographer

Getting Ready: Sheraton Key West

Ceremony: Smathers Beach Key West


Officiant: Aaron Wetcher


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