Please contact me for a quote regarding your specific wedding.  Quotes vary depending on how much coverage you need and where your wedding is.  I do build any travel costs directly into my quotes so you aren’t surprised with additional costs/reimbursements.    I do not charge travel for weddings in Tennessee, the Florida Keys and South Florida, and Costa Rica.

A few important things to know:

* I do offer elopement and half day packages during the week (Monday-Thursday).  On select weekends, I may accept a half-day wedding. Connect with me for more information on these rates.

*I shoot digital AND I also shoot a little bit of film or pinhole as a little gift.  I like to give my clients a few ‘heirloom’ shots as I call them – whether it be a film shot or some pinhole photography; it is certain to be a little something different to add to your collection.

*All packages come with printed products and/or albums.  I believe, that I am doing you a disservice if I merely give you a disk of images to load onto social media.  I value my work and your memories too much to do that.  Yes, you do get a disk of images but I also provide you with high-quality, professional, one-of-a-kind products to enrich your photography experience.   (As a side note, here is an interesting article on the digital era and its potential implication on our memories.)

*When photographing at a new location, I always arrive the day before the event and scope out the area for picture locations and try to meet with the planner or coordinator.  I also explore the area around the venue for more photos with a ‘local flavor’.   Just thinking about this process makes me want to pack a suitcase and go!    I truly believe that some of my best work comes from photographing in new locations. New places and adventurous people are among my top inspirations.