Giving Back

Giving Back

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In everyone’s life, there are moments that, as they happen, you know that you will never forget them; you know that they will stay with you for your whole life.  As an avid traveler, my memory is filled with moments of crossing cultural barriers, of conquering fears and, most vividly, of seeing the harsh reality found in many parts of the world.   These moments  – the moments of seeing soul-wretching poverty for the first time, of knowing that your shoes probably cost enough to provide medicine to cure someone’s sickness,  and of being the recipient of a child’s smile, a child who doesn’t know when their next meal will be – these stick with me.

It becomes clear to me, when I think about this, just how blessed I am; how blessed most of us are.  It doesn’t mean we are better or more accomplished. The circumstance and opportunity that most of us have been born into is nothing we deserve and I think that make all the more humbling.  What this does mean, to me at least, is that we are blessed and, I firmly believe, that with that blessing comes great responsibility.

It has been on my heart for some time now that I wanted to start using my business as a platform to give back to the world.  I want to give back to the world that has honored me with so many wonderful experiences and so many beautiful people.   I am so excited to announce that with this new year comes a new facet of my business.   With every wedding booked, I will be making a donation to a charitable organization.   Although I have always made myself available to charitable needs, I am now putting that out there and will be searching for opportunity to use my photography to help further the selfless work of these organizations.

Organizations that I Admire

International Justice Mission  – Seriously, this organization just rocks my world.  IJM takes a stand for those without a voice by rescuing victims from human trafficking and slavery and bringing criminals to justice, among other things.  
St. Jude’s  Children Hospital – My grandpa – Papa – use to donate to this organization every year.  It was his favorite charity and he always loved to give to the kids.  I think of him every time I see a commercial or an advertisement about them.  How can you not love this organization?