Bringing Back the Film

When I began my business back in 2004, it was at the relative beginning of the transition between film and digital photography for professional use.  There was great debate as to whether digital photography was really ‘photography’ or if digital photographers could actually be considered professionals.  It may seem silly these days, now that everyone and their mother and their professional photographer uses digital, but it was a huge deal when I decided to open my studio as a digital studio.    

I had studied and learned photography with film; beginning my photography obsession while traveling around Costa Rica with some friends.  (Don’t you remember lugging zip lock bags full of film, carefully taking them out of your bag when going through the x-ray machine?)  I even started processing my own film and developing the prints in my mother’s bathroom!  After my transition to digital, film was put on the back burner – meaning I think I picked up a film camera once in the past ten years.  Flash forward to a few months ago, and my father brought me my old Pentax 6×7 camera that he had been holding on to.  As soon as I picked it up, inspiration hit and I have become obsessed.  

Here are a few from Jordan and David’s West Palm engagement session a few weeks ago.   I used Film Box Labs for these images and I am super impressed with the results so far. 

P I N this to pinterest P I N this to pinterest

And of course, I had to include one of my fat-cat Grizzy.  She has always been my number one model.  P I N this to pinterest


As I am restructuring, redefining, and rebranding my business to better fit who I am and what my artistic vision is, I have goaled myself to start using my film cameras at weddings and engagements more often.     I already edit my photos to give them a more ‘film-like’ quality but nothing can ever completely replicate the feel of a film image.  The depth, the colors, the texture, the feel are just completely unique to true film.    That being said, don’t be surprised if you see me bringing out the film at your next shoot. I am so excited to be able to offer you a little something different and a little something special.  


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