An Up-Coming Visit to a New England Gem – The Amee Farm and Riverside Farm

I have a secret love for all things New England. I am unabashedly obsessed with this area of the country; the history, the landscapes, the food, and the people – I love it all.  It feels like another country compared to my life in the always-sunny-and-warm Florida Keys….not that I am complaining but the variety of New England weather and scenery holds an epic appeal to me.  I loose myself in images of the New England countryside and can easily imagine myself strolling the cobblestone streets of a quaint village any day and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate by a raging fire.  

The catch – I have never actually been to New England….to those of you that know me, that may come as a surprise.  I travel a lot.  My husband travels a lot.  But neither of us have actually ever made it to the NorthEast.

Hence, I am so excited to announce an upcoming weekend trip to Vermont.  We found THIS (and also THIS) amazing, hidden little gem near Pittsifeld, Vermont and can not wait to spend a romantic weekend drinking mulled wine by the fire, taking (hopefully) snowy walks, and exploring the little towns around Vermont…and lots of maple syrup, cheese, and all things local and wonderful.   Amee Farm and Riverside Farm both have lodging and also host gorgeous weddings.  Looking through their online gallery of images make me just CRAVE an opportunity to shoot up there.  The light, the colors, the ambiance – it is all just yummy.  

Take a look at some of these images from Amee Farms and Riverside Farms; don’t they look divine?   After our trip, I’ll make sure to post some of my images that I’ll take.  


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