A Bit More About Megan

A Bit More About Megan


Ever since I can remember, I have had an overwhelming wanderlust as well as a love and appreciation for history, art, family, sentimentality.  You can blame it on my obsession with reading or my parents’ love of slightly-torturous road trips, but, whatever the reason, traveling, exploring, learning and creating one-of-a-kind memories, are all passions of mine.  To me, there is nothing more fullfilling than getting lost wandering the streets of a new town, stumbling through speaking a foreign language, or trying exotic new food that I’m not quite sure what it is.   Equally exciting is the simple concept of just exploring my own back yard – jumping in the car, traveling down a dirt-road, and seeing where it takes me.

It is this wanderlust that led me, quite unintentionally, to Key West over 5 years ago and it is here that I met my now-huband, Ryan.  Through him, I discovered not only how beautiful the institute of marriage is, but also how amazing it is to have someone to explore the world with.   Although I have been photographing weddings professionally for over 10 years, it is really since my own marriage that my passion for meeting other couples and documenting their personal adventures has evolved.  Having found my niche as a destination wedding photographer, I can say that I truly love my job.  I adore meeting other like-minded spirits who want to make the most important commitment of their lives in a special place full of adventure.  I love working with people who are willing to step away from their comfort zones and really explore the world around them.

The more I have grown as a photographer, the more I see how my travels and my experiences have shaped my photography to be what it is today – the colors, the organic feel, and the attention to simple beauty.  A wedding, for me, is like a travel experience . I get to observe, learn about a couple and how they interact with each other, and preserve those moments in an artistic and honest way.    Every wedding I attend is approached exactly how it should be – as the beginning of new adventure, YOUR story unfolding.